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Naruto sleeps with a Hyuga, Konohamaru will sleep with a Hyuga. I. ) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest.

. konohamaru x hanabi | •Naruamino• Amino. JANGAN LEWATKAN • 5. Daniel Tevera has created a short video on TikTok with music Lofi. Hanabi Hyuga as Princess Leia (since Hanabi’s an heiress and royalty) and Konohamaru as Han Solo!

Hanabi was having a baby and he had been her boyfriend of two (secret) years. I. Ok agora ira aparecer a foto do personagem e você tem que botar a opção que ira ser EX : ( Imagem Kakashi ) Você iria colocar o time 7 que teria, Sakura,.

416 likes · 3 talking about this. It means there's still a chance for them! I'll help you get home, Konohamaru-senpai. xD Hanabi's personality is nothing like Sakura's.

This is an untitled story. 1 Early Life 1. Follow. Hinata Hyuga Boruto Naruto Symbols Naruto Comic Hanabi Pretty And Cute Dear God A Comics Doujinshi. He looked towards Hanabi, the gears moving through his mind as he pieced together the information.

All Rights Re. Konohamaru and hanabi | Naruto | Pinterest | Wells, Too. Ever wonder how Himawari developed her byakugan so early, or why Boruto can't draw? Der Name des Spiels leitet sich vom. Spielkonzeption. Hanabi, yang muncul sebagai pasangan potensial dengan latar belakang menarik (putri dari klan Hyuga, bibi Boruto), mungkin bakal lebih bisa menarik perhatian Konohamaru. 3 years ago.  · I agree.

Original Poster 3 years ago. She could take on Konohamaru by herself and Udon and Moegi don't seem like threats. His eyes, which had been clenched shut as he had tried to block out the sensations, snapped open when he felt something warm and wet against his sole. When the Naruto series began, his grandfather was the Hokage.

And off he went to the Hyūga house to ask her out. Konohamaru x Hanabi ♥. Banyak Yang Menjodohkan Hanabi konohamaru hanabi Dengan Konohamaru|©Pierrot. · Konohamaru and Boruto set out again to rescue Remon but find they’ve arrived a little late.

By mattwilson83 Watch. ย. accident? · Hanabi is stronger then Hinata and well we don't know what the heck Konohamaru is capable of. Report Save. 1 Ninjutsu 5 New. Hanabi looked around her room, and noticed that her glass was empty.

Konohamaru, his teammates, and konohamaru hanabi her. Konohamaru is on a special mission given to him by Hanabi; take her out on a date. Sarutobi Konohamaru Any traditional/digital artwork of Konohamaru only. — To Konohamaru during their sparring match This article, Hanabi Hyuga (Kabuki), is property of Kabuki36.

N'est-ce pas le cas pour toi? Hanabi was soon upon it once more, and with redoubled enthusiasm she licked her master clean. Konohamaru x Hanabi amv is a compilation of the best moments of konohamaru sarutobi and hanabi hyuga.

Hanabi ist ein kooperatives Kartenspiel für zwei bis fünf Spieler von Antoine Bauza, das besonders von kommunikativen und deduktiven Spielelementen geprägt ist und zum Spiel des Jahres gewählt wurde. - Complete. 7 Comments. · Konohamaru comes from a very well known family in the village of Konohagakure. Hanabi was having a baby and he had been her boyfriend of two (secret) years. KonoHana.  · Banyak Yang Menjodohkan Hanabi Dengan Konohamaru. As Sasuke rush toward him, Konohamru did the Shadow Clone Jutsu to make one clone as their combat strength as.

femalexmale, anything, malexfeamle. Tu trouves que la vie est toute belle et toute rose, mais c'est faux! Refine by tag: konohamaru naruto sasuke sakura boruto sarada mitsuki kakashi hinata shikamaru himawari uchiha hanabi konoha gaara neji itachi ino moegi temari. Tapi lucu juga kalau Konohamaru memang ujung-ujungnya jadian dengan Hanabi.

Spoiler alert Well, personally I think he will end up with Hanabi. We only know 4 people their age though. Honestly, the only thing I see NS-like in KonoHana is Hanabi being annoyed by Konohamaru's antics. Arcanis Sticky Fingers. Hanabi smiled and grabbed onto Konohamaru's arm. Soma has broken the seal and begins his resurrection. Continue this thread level 1.

Naruto learns rasengan, konohamaru learns it. 1 History 1. No. Sebaliknya, Hanabi pun bisa saja menyukai Konohamaru karena persamaan sifat Konohamaru dengan Naruto. He and Moegi are childhood friends and they were in the same team so they may have some chances together but i ve never seen them close enough to make me think they could end up to. Konohamaru was too distracted with Moegi's torture to notice what Hanabi was up to until it was too late.

The team approaches Naruto and asks him to. Hyuuga Hanabi; Hyuuga Neji; Sarutobi Konohamaru; Moegi (Naruto) Romance; Romantic Comedy; Comedy; First Date; Dating; Summary. Konohamaru should be pretty strong despite the fact that we've only seen glimpses of his true power in the current Boruto series. Naruto want to be hokage, Konohamaru as well. Sebaliknya, Hanabi pun bisa saja menyukai Konohamaru karena persamaan sifat Konohamaru dengan Naruto. Hanabi, yang muncul sebagai pasangan potensial dengan latar belakang menarik (putri dari klan Hyuga, bibi Boruto), mungkin bakal lebih bisa menarik perhatian Konohamaru.

· Hanabi has no canon personnality at all (the only thing she has ever said was 'Dad' or something like that - It's not enough to know how she is) and Konohamaru is a cheapo Naruto (I hate Naruto). level 1. 01. Moegi is first introduced when Naruto notices a small, obvious box following after him. He taught Boruto Uzumaki the rasengan which he learned from his friend Naruto Uzumaki.

Hanabi Hyūga (日向ハナビ, Hyūga Hanabi) is a kunoichi from Konohagakure and the future heiress of the Hyūga clan. Konohamaru Stories. You too, Moegi!  · Hanabi would probably win. . I'll kick your ass. Konohamaru Hanabi Ramen Scene Youtube Konohamaru, the grandson of the leaf village's third hokage, shows up at the chunin exam site.

No, not until you go out with me-kore. 19 Vindicare said: We also know that Hanabi, at the age of five, was stronger than her 12-year-old sister. Hanabi muttered.

Report Save. As she walked down the hallway, she could hear music, and Konohamaru’s obnoxious singing. Konohamaru must have met Hanabi once or twice. 10. 2. 89 konohamaru hanabi KB. Hot New 1.

I think Hanabi wins. The next day, Konohamaru woke up early after going to bed early last night, finally getting a much needed good nights of sleep. Hanabi, yang muncul sebagai pasangan potensial dengan latar belakang menarik (putri dari klan Hyuga, bibi Boruto), mungkin bakal lebih bisa menarik perhatian Konohamaru. Yes you do need to say more. There are very interesting moments of this possible cou. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 4. Moegi is seen with Konohamaru and Udon. Since he didn't have to get creeped out by Hinata's, Hanabi's or Mikoto's presence during breakfast, he could enjoy his breakfast with his grandpa before going to school.

Konohamaru and hanabi drunk together, hanabi sensei with team 15 first mission, boruto english dub. We can bet that Hanabi's moves are somewhat similar to Hinata's albleit are going to be more powerful. Slowly, she stood up and padded down to the kitchen. 244 likes · 5 talking about this. From the box, Konohamaru crawls out, along with his two friends.

Dan Hyūga (日向ダン Hyūga Dan) is a shinobi of the Konohagakure's Noble Hyūga Clan, hailing from the Head Family, as well as a direct descendant of the Sarutobi Clan. This would include teams. Konohamaru x Hanabi ♥. His school day was also normal, nothing interesting or unusual happened other than Konohamaru not. Hanabi and Moegi had an. See more ideas about hanabi, boruto, naruto. Team Konohamaru (木ノ葉丸班, Konohamaru Han), auch als Team 3 (第3班 第三班, Daisanppan) und Team 7 (第7班 第七班, Dainanahan) bekannt, ist das Genin-Team unter Konohamaru Sarutobi und wird primär in Boruto: Naruto the Movie gezeigt. Happily the blonde mewled and wriggled.

18 Udon solos with snot no jutsu of doom. - previous --> link next ---> they eat ramen together --> link kyahaha characters (c)kishimoto masashi Konohanabi rabu doujinshi 4. fairyfay30. What does Hiruzen mean that only in this yearbook, they are collecting the essential intelligence. Konohamaru's dick wilted a little in its satiety, but it did not go wholly flaccid. Hanabi's gaze softened at the sight of Konohamaru, gripping onto Boruto, both to keep from falling and in what she thought was absentmindedly. 163 Stories.

Sketch Theme - Easter 14 - Hanabi and Moegi. Watch me draw here >>>> /PvqZjw_3aPc As always, extra versions/NSFW, are on Patreon! Image size. Hanabi: raaah tu n'y comprends rien! He is the firstborn and eldest son Hanabi Hyūga and Konohamaru Sarutobi, and the only brother of Masayoshi Sarutobi.

2480x1748px 278. 12. Ch2 Konohamaru This is same as Ch 1, they are literally kids and the headband marks them as adults and meaning eligible for participating in the Military activities. Share. Now wait a minute- Moegi began to protest. Konohamaru dating hanabi - Find a woman in my area! Though Konohamaru respected his grandfather, he didn’t particularly like the way the position caused the villagers to treat him.

Report Save. 3 years ago. - Explore namjoon’s's board Konohamaru and Hanabi on Pinterest. .  · Bloodlusted Hanabi Jyuuken Konohamaru's dick off trying to pull a Revised Sexy no Jutsu. Together, we can get you back home without a problem!

Sebaliknya, Hanabi pun bisa saja menyukai Konohamaru karena persamaan sifat Konohamaru dengan Naruto. The Path of an Uchiha. Konohamaru: oh je t'en pris! Konohamaru says that the three of them are all wearing goggles to mimic Naruto, who they affectionately refer to as their leader. His teammates are probably getting shipped together, so Konohamaru x Hanabi's the only option there unless they introduce a new love interest for him. 1/jun/ - Ange encontrou este Pin.

level 2. : ) If Hanabi’s personality. all rights. 16. 15. | style=font-weight: bold; color: 000000; background:FFFFF0; border:2px solid CDCDCD; font-size:80%; line-height:1em; padding:0. Hyuuga Hanabi/Sarutobi Konohamaru (56) Nara Shikamaru/Temari (53) Sai/Yamanaka Ino (38) Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (36) Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto (33) Hyuuga Hinata/Hyuuga Neji (33) Exclude Additional Tags Romance (94) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (86) Alternate Universe (71) Fluff (67) Angst (57) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (52) Drama (39) Humor (37). KonoHana.

- Explore gravint skynard armstrong's board konohamaru and konohamaru hanabi hanabi on Pinterest. 552 Views. X. Crushing on a teammate was never a go. Tu es l'une des descendantes de la famille la plus riche et ancienne du vill. Read Konohamaru x Hanabi from the story Male x female v14 by Ashton210 with 30 reads. Couple Naruto Naruto Ship Hanabi Hot Mess Ships Princess Zelda Deviantart Fictional Characters Anime Love Couple.

Vor 10 Stunden · Acerte o Sensei do personagem na imagem. 69 bunnygirl bunnysuit easter lesbian moegi sketch yuri playboybunny sixtynine hanabihyuuga playboybunnygirl.

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